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Donate To Install Solar Electric on the Father Jeri School

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The newly constructed Institution Mixte de Jeri School, locally known as the Father Jeri School, in Port au Prince opened for classes in 2016 with an enrollment of 250 students. Enrollment will increase to 450 students in September, 2017. The school’s aftercare feeding program provides meals to 1,200 neighborhood children five-days a week.

The energy power sector in Haiti is among the most challenged in the region. Only about one-quarter of the population has access to electricity. Even for those with access to electricity, reliability is inconsistent. Users in Port-au-Prince, for example, receives just a few hours of utility power per day; mostly during the evening hours. This lack of reliability requires many businesses and households to rely on gasoline and diesel generators for electric power. The lack of reliable “city” power hinders investment, constrains the development of productive businesses, and degrades living standards for residential customers.

The Father Jeri School rarely receives utility power while school is in session during daylight hours.  Consequently, it must use its backup gasoline generator as its primary source of electricity which does not meet the school’s power requirements. Moreover, fuel and maintenance is very expensive and it is environmentally unfriendly in terms of pollution and noise.

The lack of electricity has huge implications for  student education and academic advancement.  Reading and studying times will not be limited with proper lighting.  With electricity to power computers, students can more easily sharpen computer skills essential to accessing the internet’s free teaching tools and educational materials; tools needed to lift them out of poverty and dependency.

The foundation seeks donations to install a 5kW solar system that will ensure reliable, cost-efficient power to the school. Solar Energy World and Sunrun solar energy companies generously donated 24 and 10 solar panels respectively to the project. All we need to make this energy project a success are funds to cover the cost of a charger controller, batteries, supplies and installation.

Your donation will brighten the educational future of deserving students in Haiti.