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Donate to Install Solar Power on Centre Medical de Delmas 31

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The Centre Medical de Delmas 31, a general medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology clinic located in Port au Prince, Haiti, is in critical need of reliable electric power.  The Foundation seeks donations to eliminate the clinic’s reliance on costly, eco-unfriendly diesel generator for electricity with solar power that will prevent power disruptions that undermine patient treatment.

The Centre was founded by one of Haiti’s most prominent physicians, Dr. Jean Ro Piard, host of a popular television show that discusses viewer health and wellness concerns with medical experts on Channel 11 in Port au Prince. The clinic uniquely provides free medical care to patients who can’t afford to pay daily from 8 – 11 a.m. The Centre’s staff is part of the Foundation’s mobile medical mission team that provide healthcare to underserved countryside communities.

The Centre receives utility power a few hours a day or sometimes none at all. Consequently, the clinic uses its backup diesel generator as its primary source of electricity. Among the drawbacks of the clinic’s reliance on the diesel generator is that it alone simply cannot provide sufficient, failsafe power, it’s too expensive to operate round-the clock, and throws computerized diagnostic and sensitive electronic equipment out of whack.  Uninterrupted electrical power is also critical to the Centre’s ability to maintain its laboratory or store medications that requires constant refrigeration.

The Foundation’s goal of $24,000 will cover the cost of 24 solar panels, a charger controller, batteries, supplies and installation costs.